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Dr. Drew M. Mittelman

As an owner of Dedham Dental Associates, Dr. Drew Mittelman brings over 40 years of clinical expertise to his patients! After graduating from Tufts University, in 1972, Dr. Mittelman continued his education, through practical application, while serving as a Lieutenant in the US Navy Dental Corps, in Quantico, VA until 1974. Throughout the years of 1974-1976, Dr. Mittelman again expanded his tutelage by completing a combined residency with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine/Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.
During the course of his distinguished 36-year tenure with Dedham Medical Associates, Dr. Mittelman held many hats in addition to practicing general dentistry. With over three decades of professional service as a Finance Committee member, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Dental Department, as well as Chairman of the Chiefs Committee for Dedham Medical Associates, you can rest assured that Dr. Mittelman will lead Dedham Dental Associates with an even greater passion!
As a General Dentist, Dr. Mittelman performs an array of services ranging from simple filling placements to more complex procedures such as Crowns and Bridges.
The unsurpassed quality of care that you will receive with Dr. Mittelman will be enhanced by his refreshing sense of humor coupled with a deep appreciation in forging and maintaining his patient relationships.
In addition to his passion for dentistry, Dr. Mittelman is also an avid supporter of the arts with his love for classical music, opera and theater.


Dr. Marina Rusinova

Dr. Marina Rusinova, an owner of Dedham Dental Associates, has been practicing here and abroad for 30 years. As a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Dr. Rusinova received her degree from the St. Petersburg Dental School in 1978. While in Russia, she practiced for 14 years prior to immigrating to the United States in 1992.
Due to her love of the profession, Dr. Rusinova chose to continue her career and education by graduating from the Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry, Advanced Standing Program in 1996. As a valued provider at Dedham Medical Associates, Dr. Rusinova had been practicing General Dentistry in the multi-specialty division since 2007.
With artistic skill and precise handwork, your dental care will be expertly crafted to your specific needs. Dr. Rusinova understands that each patient is an individual, thus the treatment you receive is as unique as you are. She is committed to her patients and takes great pride in delivering quality care from routine annual examinations, to larger cosmetic procedures such as Crowns, Bridges and Veneers.
When away from the practice, Dr. Rusinova enjoys vacationing with her husband, and continuing her education by attending lectures and practical courses that further promote her dental expertise. Her love of artistry transcends into personal interests, with a vast appreciation for all facets of painting and sculpture.
Dr. Rusinova invites you to experience the transformation that awaits you as she reveals the health and beauty of your smile.

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